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Champion Tattoo Inc

Champion Tattoo

Bright. Bold. Clean. Electric Tattooing.


Timeless Quality - Est. 2015

Champion Tattoo offers over 28 years of tattooing experience.

At Champion we strive to uphold the ethics of solid, clean tattooing passed down by our mentors. Offering tattooing in Traditional Japanese, Black and Grey, Traditional Americana and fine line Custom Script. Featuring expert tattooing by Shawn Hedley, Richard Harding, Greg Mcdermott, Apprentice Hannah and some of Canada's best talents as guest artists! 

Shawn Hedley will be featured in an upcoming Canadian Tattoo documentary Hold Fast, Stay Gold: A Canadian Tattoo Story

The Champion Team

Shawn hedley - OWNER & TATTOOER

Veteran tattooer Shawn Hedley is the owner/operator of Champion Tattoo. Shawn enjoys tattooing large scale Traditional Japanese pieces, custom script, and American Traditional pieces. He is always happy to welcome new clients for small and large scale pieces.

Richard HArding

Richard Harding has been tattooing for just shy of 10 years. He loves tattooing black and grey realism, colour tradition, and fine line black and grey. He is eager to take on large scale pieces but doesn’t frown upon smaller pieces as his books are never closed!

Greg Mcdermott

With just over 5 years of tattooing under his belt, Greg Mcdermott enjoys tattooing bright and bold American Traditional and black work designs along with black and grey etching pieces. If you love the Simpsons, StarWars, and/or are a history fanatic, Greg is your go to fellow!

Gate-keeper Abbey

Abbey has been filling the shop with sarcastic remarks since early 2016. She is a full time baby sitter for the 4 artists and also your first point of contact in the shop! With a smile on her face and a few crude jokes, she will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have and book you an appointment!

Apprentice Hannah

Shop Apprentice Hannah started in early 2017 as a part-time counter staff when she later landed herself an apprenticeship. Fast forward a year and she is now tattooing full time at an apprentice rate. She is always looking for new clients and has a million and one designs in her book for you to chose

Screw booking consultations. If you want a tattoo from us, swing by the shop any time we are open to chat. We are never to busy to talk tattoos!
— Champion Tattoo


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